The Visual Supplier Catalogue consists of wedding suppliers at the back of the magazine. This makes it easy for potential clients and readers to quickly browse through vendors and click on their links. 


When buying this advertisement, you get to publish one photo of your choosing, or you can send us up to 10 photos for us to choose one. Your business name and service catagory will be mentioned, as well as your service area. You get to put in all your social media and website links for easy access. If your location is available on google maps, you are welcome to add a direct location link to your advertisement as well. 


  • Our Spring 2021 Purchase Deadline is 13 August 2021.
  • Our Spring 2021 Content Deadline is 15 August 2021.
  • Should you purchase your advertisement by 14 August 2021, your content deadline will automatically fall on 15 August 2021, and you will be featured in our Spring 2021 issue. 

If you purchase your Advertisement after 14 August 2021, your Advert will feature in our Summer 2021 issue, and your new November deadline will be sent to you. 



  • 1/4 Page Catalogue in our international online wedding magazine
  • Qualify for our Awards at the end of your published year. 
  • Facebook Group Privileges for the Season you are featured with us (Bows & Chic: Your Trendy Wedding Guide)
  • Seasonal Company Logo

1/4 Page Visual Catalogue

    • Ensure that your advertisement is wedding related.
    • Only Wedding related advertisements will be published with us. If you are uncertain whether your advert will be accepted, feel free to email us at
    • If your advert is not wedding related, only 80% of your purchase amount will be refundable. 20% of your purchase amount will automatically be allocated to admin/bank fees.
    • Your advertisement will be sent to you for approval before being published. This is to ensure that all information is correct and that you are happy with your design.