What should I wear to a Wedding Dress Fitting?

As a wedding dress designer, I receive clients with various styles and fancies. So, to tell you what to wear would be presumptuous of me. I however can give you certain guidelines that would make dress fitting a lot easier and more comfortable for you.


1.) Wear neutral underwear, preferably something nude. Avoid dark and bright colours. If you are trying on tight fitting dresses and you are wearing black or neon pink underwear, it might show. You do not want that distraction from the dress design. (And your bridesmaids might be looking at your underwear the whole time rather than looking at your actual dress)

2.) If you have a bra that has detachable straps, rather opt to wear that to your fittings. It is easy to quickly detach your straps. If you wear a bra without detachable straps, you might try on a strapless or illusion wedding dress that might not have that bra support (so you need to wear your bra), and your straps will be showing the whole time. That will also distract from the design of the dress and you might not like the dress just for that reason.

3.) Avoid layering your clothes. If you are fitting at five different stores, undressing all the layers every time will get tiring and you might get annoyed for the same reason.

4.) COMFORT IS KEY. Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and easily undresses. Comfy slip in shoes are the best. You do not have to bend down every time to undo your shoelaces or to unzip your boots. A comfy dress is always a very practical choice in summertime. In winter, consider a nice coat to avoid too many layers. You will be on your feet the whole day and most wedding dresses are heavy. Will you be comfortable in those pretty stiletto heels?

5.) Just avoid a sports bra.

6.) Are you on the short side? Are you planning on wearing heels to your big day to give you some height? Consider wearing comfortable sturdy heels like a good wedge to the fittings. Most of the dresses are long enough to fit tall women (they are usually shortened with alterations to fit the bride). So, trying on these long dresses in a sturdy heel might just be the way to go so that you can see what height difference it will make wearing heels in a wedding dress. You might even be tripping over the hemlines less.

7.) Do not wear any extra or heavy jewellery. It might get in the way when trying on various dresses. If you have a specific item you want to see with a wedding dress, rather ask someone to help you put it on when you have already dressed.


*Firstly, ask your designer or dress consultant. Do not feel silly to ask. They are there to help and assist you.

Here are a few tips should you want some advice:

1.) Look at your dress shape first. Is it fitted or a ballgown? Is there a chance that your panty line will be showing? If no, then you can wear almost anything, which makes it perfect if you want to wear wedding lingerie underneath your dress. If yes, then wear seamless nude underwear. It would be recommended that you invest in it if you do not own a pair. In short, try to wear what you will be wearing on your wedding day to see if it complements the fit of your dress.

2.) Look at your bodice and neckline shape. Is your back open? You do have a strapless dress? Do you have a full illusion dress? Do you have built-in cups? If you have built in cups, there should be no need for a bra unless you need extra support (discuss it with your designer/consultant). Determine your bra according to your dress top.

3.) If you are wearing a soft silk dress or a smooth fitted dress, avoid lace or detailed underwear. The lines and details will show through the soft fabric.

4.) If you are thinking about wearing a bodysuit, waist shaper or body shaper, wear it to one of your fittings to see if it has the desired effect.

5.) Have you found your wedding shoes yet? Ask your consultant/designer when you should be wearing your wedding shoes, so that your hemline can be altered to the correct height.


1.) If you are getting your dress designed, discuss your options with your designer. You have SO many options. What dress styles do you like? Do you have a design in mind? Start with what you are comfortable with. And develop your underwear questions from there.

2.) Remember to ask silly questions like:

“Will the dress have built-in cups?”


“I’m not comfortable without a bra, can we design the dress so that I can still wear one?”

3.) Ask your designer what you should be wearing to your fittings. When should you bring your shoes?

*Every bride is different. Every designed dress is unique. Just ask.

Written by

Erica Nijeboer

Wedding Dress & Bridal Accessories Designer

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